Track Record

An attempt to save time and space in the present, using an adhesive tape – analog in its nature – treated as a medium for data processing and registration. The project started off with the work Layers in Valencia (2012), and then evolved in Poland, the effect of which was the work Build-up presented at the Rysopis [Distinctive Features] exhibition of artists born in Poland around 1989 at the WRO Art Center in Wrocław, Poland (2014).

about the project

February 17th-24th, 2015


Track Record was a seven-day journey along the coast of the Baltic Sea that begun in Świnoujście and ended in Ustka (Poland). The route was circa 200 kilometers long, the distance was covered on foot in February 2015. The process was recorded every day on the reel adhesive tape with a length of about 50 meters (tape large 45 mm) by unwinding a reel tape, processing it on the ground and winding it back onto another empty one. After seven days of wandering, there has been seven reel-objects created. The whole thing was recorded with a GoPro camera.

The project locates itself at the periphery of installation, performance and video, and relates to various ways of recording: the analog (sand and microparticles in the air) versus the digital (the GoPro record). The project serves as a tribute to nature and a gesture towards the historical work of Tadeusz Kantor, Panoramic Sea Happening (Łazy, Osieki, 1967); it is the author of the record that becomes the machine for recording, when standing in front of the sea waves with his or her back to the cliff, ie. against the audience. Track Record also connotes the figure of Edward Krasiński both in the use of the line and the recording position.