Wrocław, 2017

This performance is a presentation of the registration of activities in process where the commonly used media is a transparent adhesive tape which is treated as an analogue recorder of the micro world and metaphysics of reality, a point and line in the hands of the artist. The title refers to the everyday phenomenon of movement air, which is caused by different air pressures, as well as to dragging the tape through different spaces, catching in the tape the invisible movements of life. It is a way to try merging air with public and private space and the relationship between them. An important aspect is also the uncontrolled registration of reality, which carrier other lives invisible to our eyes. It is a form of subjectively archiving reality in various ways, but always with use of the same medium, a roll of 48mm x 66m adhesive tape. An important role is also played by the artist’s presence as the tape operator, giving directions in open space, in the landscape with a line as horizon and speed, by pausing the surroundings and digital registration are marked.


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