23th of March 2011

This is a series of images representing items from supermarket circulars. My thoughts were following the theme of the impact of advertising on human thoughtlessness and gullibility towards a marketing full of colors, as well as the form of presentation of the subject in the promotional newsletters.

In a picture, the everyday items are glorified, bright, colorful, without shade, decorated with kitsch decorations and set in an unreal environment. With such tricks the unconscious consumer falls into a big vortex of advertising manipulation. My thesis consists of six images of sizes 100 x 100 cm, which are arranged in a single unit in the size of 200 x 300 cm. The composition is unified by the frame made ​​of leaflets – the viewer is beset by it, the frame irritates him, enhancing the effect of chaos. Colored mush served by marketing experts. The work has been done using the method of graphic painting.

Images seem to be set in the unreal world of hyperpigmentation, multiplication, piling-up, interpenetration. These are the compositions made of the kitsch and ornament items appearing repetitively in advertising newspapers, which are to be met everywhere by their intrusive promotion.



photo. A. Bełz-Rajtak