M3 lep

curatorial project, 25th of May 2012

It was my first curatorial project experience. 39 artists coming from 7 different countries were invited to participate in our project. Their works related to the broad idea of flat – a concept that brings about extreme emotions in our well-tamed minds.

Leaflet text

I invite you to participate in a remarkable initiative.
J. Rostafinski 9/2, Wroclaw – the address to remember; it is here that you can present your works with other artists.
But let’s start from the beginning… The residents of the creative space are Nora, Ola, Kamila, Grzegorz and Matiej- Fine Arts students.

The apartment is about 120 m2, and is humorously called Rostafinski Café. A space for exchange of ideas, international creative office meetings and a good atmosphere guaranteed non stop. The house is located in the heart of the Nadodrze, which is under the revitalization program aiming at gentrification of the old part of the city.

Our comment on this topic is spontaneous and natural. We feel a need for joint action in the name of art, without the patronage of respectable institutions. We are looking for creative people who want to join us to create a unique M3 – a show that includes not only the revitalization of residential architecture, but also aims to revive the cultural life of the district and creative potential of people.


The rules are simple:

  1. Look at the plan of theapartment, included in the folder.
    2. Call or e-mail if you are interested.
    3. Come and choose your parcel on Rostafinski street.
    4. Talk with us and install your project.
    5. Invite friends and let us enjoy the opening/closing,
    May 25 2012,  J. Rostafinski 9/2 . See for yourself how we work together and present our art in independent locations.
  1. See you soon. *

video by Aleksandra Bełz-Rajtak

wersja naj M3 M3 lep m3corect IMG_0376 IMG_0544 IMG_0582 IMG_0604 IMG_0623 IMG_6042

photo. Aleksandra Bełz-Rajtak

graph. design Kaja Kukuła

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