The most important point in my projects is to be aware of the space, time, site and process. I initiated “Layers” with this idea, in October, Valencia 2012 and I still continue it today. Documentation “Layers” was a part of my final presentation for my graduation work. “Layers” is a collection of video performances and installations lasting in the present and going beyond to the future. The project is universal and cyclical. I always make “Layers” in a different space. Each time I perform, I stretch the transparent tape between two vertical, site specific objects. This is a way of recording the reality at a given moment. This is a contemplation of micro world, dust and sand that has stuck to one, horizontal line of tape. After that, I cut the tape and put it into my sketchbook, where I draw and note.

Porto notes

29.03.2013, Okszów Kolonia





M_DS Gallery, Wrocław, Poland

28th of October 2013

curator/artist Kamila Wolszczak

IMG_2936 IMG_2929 IMG_7509

IMG_2943     IMG_7505  IMG_2940     1380771_485537994878545_1931942605_n

photo. K. Kuznicka i A. Bełz-Rajtak



Art Mediation

20-21 November 2013, Academy of Fine Art and Design in Wrocław

curator Tomasz Niedziółka

The collective exhibition of students and graduate during “ART AND MEDIATION CONFERENCE“, Academy of Fine Art and Design in Wrocław

10171828_616874675058902_443996850_n   10001325_616874688392234_1945401637_n

                                                              photo. A. Bełz-Rajtak