KP45 workshop

artistic, cultural and social workshop

Komuny Paryskiej 45, Przedmieście Oławskie, Wrocław, Poland

This workshop was established in empty premises made available to us by the City Council. The aim of this new space was the activation of the local community through various activities, such as workshops, meetings or intimate exhibitions.

It was a place designed for exchange of experience between the local community, artists and invited guests. In the broad term it was a small experimental laboratory of culture. It was focused on the integration of the local community as well as on making attempts to transform the reality of the Przedmieście Oławskie district through artistic activity.

This action programme was chosen from amongst various entries in an open call for artists from Lower silesia. Artists came forward with different projects, all of which proposed prepared visions of activities for the residents of the housing adjacent to the lab, but also of the whole Przedmieście Oławskie district. The artist chosen by the residents was Natalia Gołubowska who actively participated in artistic activities from October until December 2015. During that time, she led through more than ten meetings with the neighbours. The outcome of these activities was documented in a neighbourhood zine (a type of a semiprofessional magazine), where the everyday life, stories and emotions that are important for the inhabitants of Przedmieście Oławskie were discussed.

The coordinators of the workshop are Kamila Wolszczak and Krzysztof Bryła.

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