Galeria CK Agora, 14 June 2013 – 07  July 2013, Wrocław

Each of them comes from the Lublin Region. Each received artistic education – at least on basic level. Everyone came to Wroclaw to continue their work and artistic development. For some Wroclaw will be only a stop, for others will be final destination. Artists are young people between 25-30 years old: generation for whom traumatic experience of displacement is scarred and sense of foreignness/alienation has new context – where artistic journey meets history of several decades. Of course, artists do not only refer to local identity. They do not try to illustrate life of artistic exile at all costs, but take up an self-reflection of inflows and outflows which take place in their lives. Often these activities refer to religion, body, everyday life or desire of breaking away from it… Artists: Aleksandra Bełz-Rajtak, Grzegorz Bolibok, Krzysztof Bryła, Justyna Dybala, Miłosz Flis, Adam Grudzień, Paulina Hendigery, Seweryn Jański, Paweł Marcinek, Michał Mejnartowicz, Michał Nowicki, Kamil Pieczykolan, Paulina Pluta, Krzysztof Rubach, Agnieszka Siebielec, Bogusława Trela, Ola Wach, Karolina Włodek, Kamila Wolszczak

curators: Kama Wróbel, Krzysztof  Bryła

Catalog Inflow – Outflow, PL

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photo. A. Bełz-Rajtak and screenshot the web side Galeria CK Agora