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GG (short for Gadu-Gadu, ang. chit-chat) is the fifth edition of the Self-Supporting Universal Exhibitions (pol. Samonośne Uniwersalne Wystawy – SUW) project realized in private and public spaces. Twelve artists selected from an open call prepared nine projects adapted to the space of a flat located at Łukasza Górnickiego street in Wrocław and the flats whereabouts.

The theme refers to a Polish instant messaging client popular in the 2000s, and brings up the subject of contemporary interpersonal relations.

The distinguishing features of the SUW are the artistic research processes and the integral to the environment realizations , taking the inhabitants into account. Yet again the SUW seeks communication in the field of art, where the traditional division of an artist-sender, and the audience-receiver blurs out.

SUW is the passing of knowledge about art taking the form of a dialogue, openness towards the receiver, negotiation of meanings,  search for compromises, and appreciation for individual interpretations and competences.

We’re testing the space as part of the 16th WRO Media Art Biennale Test Exposure.

GG-SUW Exhibition opening

13th May 2015, 14:00

Górnickiego street 4/11 (yard)

exhibition available

13-17th  May 2015


obrazki suw

GG-SUW artist’s


Mariusz Andrzejczyk

Karolina Balcer

Dominika Borkowska

Krzysztof Bryła

Jakub Frank

Matej Frank

Anna Kosarewska

Kinga Krzymowska

Paweł Marcinek

Irmina Rusicka

Ewelina Turkot

Aleksandra Wałaszek



GG-SUW: Self-Supporting Universal Exhibitions

open call for works 

please send your  at

until the 12th of April, 2015

GG (short for Gadu-Gadu, ang. chit-chat) is the fifth edition of the Self-Supporting Universal Exhibitions (pol. Samonośne Uniwersalne Wystawy – SUW) by Kamila Wolszczak initiated in 2012 in Wrocław. SUW again tests an alternative exhibition space: this time a private apartment at Łukasz Górnicki street 4/11 in Wrocław.

A 40 m2 flat (located on the second floor of the 19th-century tenement house) becomes a field for artists to realize site specific messages. On the one hand, it is the abandoned living space that serves as the starting point for the projects, on the other – how to communicate in the context of the first Polish instant messenger from the beginning of the XXI century.

Gadu-Gadu is a tool to build relationships without the need to be physically present. With the onset of the Internet in Poland, instant messaging has become very popular and has gained millions of users, and its formula has been borrowed over the years by other programs and social networking sites. There are many competing alternatives on the market, and in retrospect Gadu-Gadu has become a form of network disco polo. In 2007, the program was purchased by Naspers, the South African media company. GG-SUW takes form of an analog IM, in which the site-specific projects and their authors become the message.

A maximum of seven artists chosen from an open call will be invited to the project. After the announcement of the results, the group of artists together with the curator will review the apartment’s surroundings and the context of the place. The result of their activities will be a collectively prepared exhibition for the local residents and invited guests. SUW formula is thus addressed both to artists who seek contact with the recipient and cooperation in a group, as well as to the audience who in one place can learn about the artists and their work.

The aim of SUW is to accustom young artists to the need of evaluation of their own achievements and to establish interaction with the audience. GG-SUW as part of the 16th international Media Art Biennale WRO 2015 TEST EXPOSURE in Wrocław is going to be a unique edition.

How to apply for the project?

  1. Read the GG-SUW Universal Principles (below).
  1. Download the documentation materials from the Łukasz Górnicki street.,Wroclaw,Kamienica_nr_4.html

  1. Fill in and send an application form at until the 12th of April, 2015.


Google docs

  1. The announcement of the open-call results: April 12th, 2015.

GG-SUW takes place as part of the 16th Media Art Biennale WRO 2015 TEST EXPOSURE, opening events: May 13th-17th, 2015, in Wrocław (Poland).

Opening of the exhibition: May 13th, 2015. Exhibition through May 17th, 2015.



Samonośne Uniwersalne Wystawy [eng. Universal Self-Supporting Exhibitions]

is a curatorial idea that takes form of a project in process, which draws on Kamila Wolszczak’s experiences in organizing exhibitions (since 2012): M3 and 11/12 in Wrocław (Poland), La Costa in Valencia (Spain) and PUK in Kumów Plebański (Poland).

SUW derives from independent curatorial activities in private spaces and making program decisions together by the curator, artists, and organizers. All of SUW activities are held according to the universal rules and are normally organized during one night outside of institutional areas.

The key factor of the project is the mediation between the artist and the audience; space is the subject which the artists address to with their works and the processes that led to their creation.

Another goal of the project is to emphasize the transformation of the traditionally understood “art education” into the concept of “art mediation”. Subtle as it is, the transformation we are witnessing is very meaningful. It consists in changing the authoritarian way of passing “the only correct knowledge” about art into a dialog, openness to the audience, negotiation of meanings, searching for compromises and appreciation of individual interpretations and competences.

SUW was created in order to unify, ask, listen to, and answer – simply speaking – to mediate. This project, with its universal rules, is addressed to everyone who wants to cooperate, while the fact that it is self-supporting reminds us that it can be organized everywhere.

 GG-SUW Universal Principles

The universal principles have been created on the basis of the already realized exhibitions, which are a source of experience and observation of recurrent phenomena or behaviors. The previous events consisted in the commitment of artists and their work according to the principles of SUW: familiarizing oneself with the space, presenting ideas, understanding the meaning and ideas standing behind the project, and transferring one’s reflections to the recipient. The aim of SUW is to, firstly, accustom young artists with the need to assess their own achievements and, secondly, to establish interaction with the audience. The universal principles apply to different sites and self-supporting projects, so some of them can be elaborated on only after considering the specific character of the target location.

1. GG-SUW is a group exhibition. The subject of the exhibition refer to the first Polish instant messenger, Gadu-Gadu, and the place – an abandoned apartment. 

2. GG-SUW is to be organized in the private apartment on Łukasz Górnicki Street 4/11 in Wrocław.

3. The GG-SUW exhibition will be open to the public between May 13th-17th, 2015. The opening of the exhibition is scheduled on May 13th, 2015.

 4. The application deadline is April 12th, 2015. Artists submit their works by sending the application form via e-mail at Their proposals will be assessed during an open discussion with the curators and organizers.

 5. The curator is responsible for the final decision, which is made on the basis of information gathered during the meeting.

 6. A maximum of seven artists will be invited to the GG-SUW project.

 7. Time of the GG-SUW production will be decided after choosing of the winning ideas.

 8. Artists participating in the GG-SUW are obliged to send a biographical note of 400 signs at

 9. Artists participating in the GG-SUW allow their works to be exposed on the basis of the loan agreement.

 10. Artists work on the GG-SUW independently and voluntarily. They deliver, install, disassemble, and collect their works from the exhibition site on their own.

 11. GG-SUW is done voluntarily and without any remuneration. The organizer cover travel costs for the artists from outside of the city of Wrocław, accommodation, and workspace. The organizer bedsides cares for the promotion and documentation of the project.

 12. Works created under the GG-SUW label can be sold, their price is being defined by the author. One third of the income will be allotted for the current organizational expenses, such as food, etc.

 13. The organizational cost of the GG-SUW is covered by the organizer(s). Artists contribute by involvement and time.

 14. The organizers of the GG-SUW are not liable for the loss or destruction of the works. Each artist takes an individual care of their work. In case the author does not collect his or her work in three days after the exhibition, the work becomes a voluntary donation to the SUW collection.

 15. GG-SUW is being held according to the previously prepared schedule, duties will be divided according to the rule “I do what I can do best”.

 16. Each artist can describe his or her work in the context of the subject and space, and interacts with the audience during the vernissage.

* The rules can be changed due to the specific character of the place of realization of the project.

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