installation, 2012
SURVIVAL 10., 21-24 June 2012, Wrocław

Installation in the SURVIVAL 10. Art Review in Stadion Oławka, Wrocław. The motto of the tenth edition of SURVIVAL was – ‘Up To You’ – it referred to a broadly defined activity and the need for putting one’s abilities to the test. Temporality is a project about a young man – strong, beautiful, brave, ambitious. He begins his long journey through the development of the excellence in spirit and body. Reality becomes covered with a coat of dreams; the aim has to be realized at all costs. However, the achievements pass like a dream, only memories remain. A wild bush covers itself with beautiful leaves, then dries up, till, in the end, only a thorn remains. It is an installation, where the key elements are a crown of thorns and a laurel wreath. Penetration of ferocious thorns through young buds of laurel over time – this is a work presenting a man entangled in the ruthless network time.

temporality1 temporality2

photo. T. Opania